apartment therapy

With the reality of buying our own home so close it has me reflecting on apartment life, the good the bad and the darn right ugly:

+ the good

+ the warmest winters, living on level 5 means absorbing the heat from the entire building in reservation for snugly nights

+ modern fixtures, taps, toilet, shower with water pressure to kill

+ a balcony with views of it all, city to sea

+ forced exercise, living on level 5 with no elevator will really get your heart rate up

- the bad

- internal bedrooms mean no light and zip zero zilch air flow, yuck

- the round kitchen sink set so far back in the corner of the bench even Lebron James would struggle to reach it

- grocery shopping (or any shopping for that matter) is a full scale operation, no way i'm doing two trips

- storage, what is that?

- the ridiculously stifling heat that literally slaps you in the face the second you open the door after a summers day at work, if you don't run to the balcony and get those doors open then think dehydrated prune in a matter of seconds

x. the ugly 

x. those green walls, that carpet, the patchy lemon lino, just no.